The perfect gift & way to introduce yourself to the enjoyment of loose leaf tea.  Set includes our 2oz. Pack of Vanilla Lemongrass Herbal Tea & 2" Stainless Steel Tea Infuser

Our signature flavor – A light, calming tea that is the perfect way to pause during a busy day, or soothe yourself before sleep.  Beautifully aromatic, the act of making the tea is a treat to the senses.

An artisanal blend of - Lemongrass, Vanilla, Orange Peels, Apples, and Raisins.

  • Tea Kit – includes 2 oz. package of Loose Leaf Tea & a 2” Stainless Steel Infuser

  • Loose Leaf Herbal Tea – Premium ingredients in a loose leaf blend to maximize the quality, aroma, and taste.

  • Naturally Caffeine-Free – A tisane (pronounced tea-zahn) or herbal tea.  This botanical blend contains no caffeine.
  • Brew the perfect cup – Enjoy 5 8oz. cups of a stronger brew or savor up to 20 cups of a lighter brew.

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